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Bad work? Let’s take a look at the rules of managers in the Book of Songs

Release time:2020-09-02 Source:Rainbow leather Co., Ltd.

There are always various problems in society in life. Students will face academic and teacher-student relationship problems, the elderly will have to face illness and elderly care problems, marriage will have to face the problems of husband and wife getting along and children’s education, and careers will be promoted. When encountering difficult problems in terms of occupation and management, you may ask someone with experience for help, or you may discuss the solution with someone you trust, or you can look for enlightenment from classic literature, such as The Book of Songs. A work that can be harvested from all aspects.

Picture annotation: 樛木

Guofeng·Zhounan·Xiaomunan has Yumu, and Ge Hao is tired. Happy gentleman, good fortune. There is wood in the south, and Ge Hao is in the wild. Le only gentleman, good fortune. There is wood in the south, and Ge Feng lingzhi. A happy gentleman makes a good luck.
This poem has always been interpreted in various ways. Some people say it is a poem to bless relatives, some say it is a poem to congratulate the bridegroom, and others say it is a poem for concubines praising their concubines. The so-called "poetry is unexplained" means that there are a thousand Hamlet in the eyes of a thousand people. Different readers invest in their own emotional experience when reading poetry, and will always draw different nutrients from it. In fact, this poem can also be explained as a poem about management.

Picture annotation: gentleman
There is wood in the south, and Ge Hao is tired. Happy gentleman, good fortune.
樛, bend the drooping branches. Ge Ming, a vine plant of wild grapes. The shape of the branches is like Pueraria lobata, so it is called Pueraria lobata.
Tired, has the meaning of climbing and entanglement. Only, it is generally considered to be a language auxiliary. Gentlemen, in ancient times, regardless of men and women, and status identities can be called gentlemen. Good luck, good luck. Sui, the rope on the ancient carriage, when a VIP gets on the carriage, the coachman wraps one end of the rope around him, and hands the other end to the person who wants to get on the carriage, pulling the other side up. The extension is stability, peace of mind.

Picture note: Ancient carriage
There are tall trees in the south, but because many wild grapes cling to it, its branches are bent. Just like a manager, he should put himself in a correct position. You must know that subordinates are actually dependent on you to survive to some extent. You must first make them trust you and believe that you are worthy of being trusted. Own posture. Just like the bent branches, let them rely on climbing without complaint and regret, so that everyone can work happily and safely under your hands.

As Lao Tzu said in the "Tao De Jing": "It is the saint who retreats and takes the lead, and lives outside the body." The saint can also be interpreted as a manager, and the manager must first put himself out of control. , Forget about yourself, put your own desires and interests behind you, so you can gain more. To make your subordinates feel at ease, you must put the interests of your subordinates above you, think more about them, be humble and tolerant, learn to respect your subordinates, so as to win everyone's trust. The lower is the king, and only then can you enjoy all the rivers.

Picture annotation: Lao Tzu

There is wood in the south, and Ge Hao is in the wild. Le only gentleman, good fortune.

Desolation means covering. Will, help.

There are tall trees in the south! It has been covered by the continuous spreading vines of wild grapes. After doing the above and putting the interests of employees before personal interests, more people will be willing to depend on you and become closer to you. At this time, you need to help them selectively, and only use the quantity, put them in different and most suitable positions, so that they can give full play to their energy.

In the TV series "Ode to Joy", Guan Guan naggingly told Andy about his troubles about company assessment. As an executive, Andy comforted this little girlfriend, saying that diplomas are not the most important thing, and good executives will Just use it. Only in this way can people make the best use of their talents, and the company or organization can operate more efficiently and freely. If you do this, everyone will be "the gentleman of pleasure" and get along with you more harmoniously.

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