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What is the material of sheepskin

Release time:2020-09-02 Source:Rainbow leather Co., Ltd.
Sheep suede, also known as sheep 猄, is a kind of sheepskin bai, which is a real leather, similar to cow suede (cow fleece) in cowhide, but has a more delicate velvet feel, a softer and more comfortable feel, good air permeability, and light leather And sheep suede is the first layer of leather, which has better strength.

The fine and dense wool layer of sheep suede is recognized as the best warm material, and sheep suede products are suitable for use in winter in alpine regions. Because of the characteristics of sheep suede, it can be used in many places. For example, the good warmth, breathability and moisture resistance of sheep suede have a good effect on arthritis and rheumatism patients.

Thick sheep suede fur has rich elasticity, so the surface of the human body lying on it is soft and soft, which can disperse the pressure on the human skin, especially the bone uplift. When the body weight rotates, it has a certain massage effect to stimulate the capillaries , Is conducive to improving the blood circulation of the skin.

Extended information:
Sheep suede has a certain alleviating effect on muscle fatigue and joint pain, because the fiber gaps of goat suede fur can absorb and diffuse sweat and oil excreted from human skin, help skin metabolism and enhance the ability to resist skin diseases.

Sheep skin is a relatively high-end sheepskin fabric, suitable for high-end women's shoes.

Related: Cow suede (bottle two-layer leather): Compared with sheep tan leather, cow suede has lower air permeability, heavier weight, dull appearance, and rough leather, which is extremely difficult to care for. It is generally used to make low-end products.

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