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The Dragon Boat Festival is coming: LI-NING and Xtep will

Release time:2020-09-02 Source:Rainbow leather Co., Ltd.

Li Ning "Weiwu Boot"

2020 Dragon Boat Festival Special Edition Exposure

The fifth day of the fifth lunar month is the Dragon Boat Festival, also known as the "Dragon Boat Festival". In order to celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival, Li Ning hereby launches the new LI-NING WAVE BOOT-Weiwu BOOT Special Edition for the Dragon Boat Festival. The outsole is a Vibram lightweight rubber outsole, revealing only Wu. Demeanor.

Based on Li Ning’s classic shoe "Weiwu", the new color-matching shoe body is made up of four patterns that symbolize the folk activities of the Dragon Boat Festival. They are the leaf pattern representing mugwort and calamus, the triangle pattern representing zongzi, and Xiang The dragon scale pattern of the dragon, the water ripples that represent the dragon boat race, and the multicolored shoelaces echoing the custom of the Dragon Boat Festival, the new color is very colorful, with a sense of hierarchy and ethnic characteristics, which is unforgettable!

The toe part is made of leather material, with PU Soft Foam three-dimensional comfortable insole and lightweight Vibram outsole to complete the entire shoe shape.
While fully demonstrating the rich heritage of Chinese traditional culture, it also brings excellent comfort performance, wear resistance and anti-slip performance.

As the Dragon Boat Festival is approaching, the shoe box design is as exquisite as a holiday gift box.
The Li Ning Logo is embedded in the delicate patterns and textures of the Dragon Boat Festival. Even the inner lining is not overlooked, and it is not an exaggeration as a gift!

Xtep x Shaolin joint shoes released
Real "Buddha Trend"

Speaking of the representatives of Chinese Kung Fu, everyone in Shaolin Temple is no stranger. They grew up watching Shaolin movies and TV. The 1500-year history is not only liked by Chinese people, but also by many people abroad. Xtep recently held Xtep× Shaolin's first show in 1500, the perfect combination of kung fu and sports fashion.
A "getting to the point" theme show was staged in front of the gate of Songshan Shaolin Temple. This performance with the theme of "doing the best of effort and reshaping the trend of sports" has injected more trendy and fashionable elements into martial arts.

The design of this joint series is inspired by traditional Shaolin culture and combined with modern style, giving people a refreshing feeling.

Xtep × Shaolin Joint Show

The joint shoes, Shaolin x Xtep joint shoes are very interesting, combining tradition and function, there are two colors:

The plain and round shoe shape and strip reinforcement design of the monochrome model are obviously derived from the shape of monk shoes. The crossed upper and lower lines come from the neckline design of traditional clothing, which has a unique oriental charm. Incorporating popular socks, webbing and other design elements, it adds a sense of avant-garde functionality.

Another shoe design is based on retro running shoes. The simple and elegant colors and patterns combined with the concise and wearable design seem to be more in line with the real Shaolin aesthetic. The tongue webbing and shoelace buckle design adds a bit of mountain style, and also points to the straightforward theme.

From product integration to "cultural integration", domestic sports brands are constantly shaping their brand image through cultural integration, giving a new definition of "national tide". Young consumers are also willing to buy such products, and they often want to express an attitude. Domestic brands are trying to make this attitude more Chinese.

New office scene photos

Caihong Leather Company Introduction: The company is located in the shoe material market of Guangzhou Zhanxi Road, the largest shoe material market in China, and has branches in Hong Kong and many places in Southeast Asia. It has been engaged in leather and leather products production, processing, trade and testing for more than 10 years, and became a shareholder in 2012 Established Ethiopian Kokayades Leather Factory, with two production lines for sheepskin and cowhide, and more than 30 sets of advanced tanning equipment imported from France, Italy and Germany. And in cooperation with the China Leather Research Institute, a third-party testing technology center outside of the independent company's business was established. We produce large quantities and high-quality leather. We are engaged in free import and export trade with a wide range of business coverage. The main products are cashmere, mixed sheep, suitable for shoe uppers, bags, handbags and gloves. Provide leather research and development design, professional testing services. We follow the Huajian Footwear Group and respond to the national One Belt One Road strategy to establish a tannery in Ethiopia, Africa, increase local job opportunities, train local employees, and provide customers with more qualified and competitive products. To some extent, promote the development of African manufacturing.

Caihong Leather Company takes morality as the foundation and wins by faith. Adhering to the modern enterprise management model, we continue to absorb the high-tech of the world today and devote ourselves to research and development of high-tech leather products. With first-class products, first-class services, the pursuit of perfection, the pursuit of excellence, and dedicated efforts to beautify the new life of mankind.

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