Caihong Leather Co., Ltd. is located in the shoe material market of Zhanxi Road, Guangzhou, the largest shoe material market in China. It has branches in Hong Kong and many places in Southeast Asia. It has been engaged in the production, processing, trading and testing of leather and leather products for more than 10 years. In 2012, Caihong Leather Co., Ltd. has two production lines of sheepskin and cowhide, and has introduced advanced manufacturing systems from France, Italy and Germany More than 30 sets of leather equipment. In addition, a third-party testing technology center has been established in cooperation with China Leather Research Institute. We produce large quantities and high quality leather. We are engaged in free import and export trade with a wide range of business coverage. The main products are cashmere and mixed breed sheep. They are suitable for shoes, bags, handbags and gloves. Provide leather research and development design, professional testing services.


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Rainbow leather Co., Ltd.

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